Introduction to ACT Tai Chi

The ACT Tai Chi Chuan school offers foundation and continuing training in Yang Style Tai Chi in the ACT Region. The school has been operating for 25 years in the ACT. It currently delivers Tai Chi training at the Australian National University in Acton ACT through the ANU Sports and Recreation Association, at the Men's Shed in Tuggeranong, and at the Tuggeranong Seniors Hall. For details of the venues and classes refer to classes and timetables.

The school also trains in more advanced forms, outside of the above venues on four morning each week. We welcome all people who are interested in Tai Chi, whether you are new to Tai Chi, or have some previous experience; and whether you want to learn Tai Chi for health, or if you want to learn Tai Chi as a martial art. It does not matter what kind of Tai Chi you may have already practised, you can contact us to discuss which of the school's training sessions might be best for you.

We also welcome those who have some experience in a different martial art who wish to enhance their performance through learning Tai Chi.

We train in and teach a variety of solo and two person forms, both bare hand and with weapons. These are described in more detail at the system and forms page.

The chief instructor at the school is Jim Marincic, who has been training in KungFu and Tai Chi for more than 37 years. Jim is supported at various venues around Canberra by several instructors who have trained with him for a number of years.

Jim has trained with a range of well-known instructors around the world, and as a consequence, training forms of the school reflect this variety, but primarily come from the teachings of Erle Montaigue.

The school trains all year round nearly every day of the week. Click here to see a full list of classes.

The School aims to teach Tai Chi, at the highest level available in the ACT. It aspires to excellence in how and what it teaches, and encourages excellence in individual practice. The school does not undertake grading processes, but fosters understanding and respect between all participants and the safe practice of Tai Chi as a self-defence art and personal discipline.

To discover more please contact us.